Welcome to your life...

  • What's it all about?

    This is where you can store everything you've done, from days out with the kids to the last book you've read, from the greatest sporting event you've attended to the best photograph you've ever taken of the sunset. It'll also remind you what tasks you're meant to be doing whether at work, school or home, organise personal projects or wishlists and remember them over time. Did you once really hanker over that? And then, rather excitingly, display and share them in all manner of different ways.

  • But why? Isn't it just too much effort?

    Probably. Although perhaps not. There are few pleasures more, um, pleasurable than reminiscing over an almost forgotten day. Memories can stay hidden for years, buried beneath the humdrum toil of day to day life. It often doesn’t take much to tease them out into your consciousness, where you can enjoy an experience over and over again. But beware, a memory, unremembered for too long vanishes forever.

  • So why not just keep a diary?

    Well, why not indeed. But this site offers so much more.
    For example, let's say you and your family visited Alton Towers last week. You took some photos and had a whale of a time. On returning home you spent a few minutes uploading your pictures and wrote something about what you did, and how much fun you had. And then it is remembered. Anyone who you went with can write add their opinions and experiences of the day, or upload their own photos.
    And in a few months, when you log into the site again, on the homepage you'll be greeted with your family's smiling faces, sodden from the Log Flume. Memories are precious, so let's not waste them.

  • But it's so geeky!

    Yes indeed it is. And the world is changing. As a great man once said, the geeks will inherit the earth. Now is the time to start saving your personal thoughts as entities rather than a disorganised mass of words. You'll tell this site how you are related to other people and things, and as such it'll know to show you stuff about them. So your trip to Alton Towers will not only be enjoyed by you, but vicariously by that oft thought about cousin in Ulaanbaatar (which is on one of your wish-lists as a place to visit...)

  • That was meant to be insulting. It's only for nerds.

    Good gracious no! Hopefully once you've entered enough content it'll be an interesting document about yourself, accessible by you and your friends and family. But not just for now, not the mercurial moment that is now, but for the rest of your life. And then your children's lives. Eventually there will be no History as such, just many entries into... Big Life Diary! A social document to surpass anything else on the planet. The data-trove that sentient Earth-bound life has been waiting for, a hyper-library of the human race, the biography of man.

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